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Garia Roadster

The Garia Roadster 2+2 is available for Golf and Monaco (EU street legal) models and is being introduced at the Mansory booth in hall 6.0, stand 6250 from March 6-16 2014.

The roadster is based on the EU street legal Garia Monaco and features a number of additional upgrades from the Garia Mansory Accessory Program, including custom pearl paint and special brown leather seats. To complete the look, genuine carbon fiber parts are added throughout the car e.g. sill-cover, mirrors, instrument cluster, dashboard panel, bonnet vents etc. See images here

The Garia Roadster 2+2 is a practical addition to the Garia range and can be used for golf as well as a people carrier. It retains the sporty look of the Roadster and combines it with the practicality and boot space of the regular 2+2 model.

The unique combination of being allowed on a golf course while being street legal, able to carry 4 passengers and low enough to fit on a yacht makes the Garia Roadster 2+2 a perfect leisure vehicle for local transportation.

The Garia Monaco Roadster 2+2 can be fitted with the optional Performance Pack* which includes lithium batteries and a top speed of 60 kmh / 37 mph as well as an extended range of 60 km / 37 miles. This makes it even more ideal for local commuting and reduces the time for a full charge to 5 hours in a normal power socket.

*The Performance Pack and Lithium batteries is currently not available in the U.S.

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